the Story of Kat and Pi

When I (Kat) met Pi (Roland) I wore a cinnamon-red brush cut and men’s clothing. Except for the mint green mini-skirt I liked to pair with my fishnets and lace-up combat-style boots. Yes sir, the 80’s! Pi favoured the woodsman look: plaid shirts, jeans, shoulder-length hair and a beard. I lived downtown and loved hanging out at gay bars where they always played the best music. He lived in the country and hung out in pubs with pool tables and, sometimes, strippers. After our first debate on Everyone from the city is a mindless clone vs Everyone from the country is a backwoods idiot we knew we were destined for each other. I asked him to take me camping. He said he would. Thirty years later, we’re on our biggest camping trip yet.


  • believes in serendipity, synchronicity, and that the universe sends us messages it’s up to us to decipher and follow 
  • practices cautious optimism — trusts in a positive outcome but keeps her fingers crossed anyway
  • is an artist, reader, writer, foodie, sometime philosopher, dreamer, perpetual scholar of nothing and everything
  • will tell you William Blake was right and everything that lives is holy


  • believes in going with the flow, in blooming where you’re planted, and that each moment holds an opportunity for growth and transformation  
  • practises moderated spontaneity — loves to explore hidden paths but keeps a good GPS for those “wrong way Roland” incidents 
  • is an accordion man, a spinner of tall tales, a seeker of the sacred and the sublime, a builder of the tangible and intangible
  • will tell you that magic underlies all things and that the soul is a hole where the light shines through  

Roland in Three 2

The Tails    

  • believe that squirrels and crows exist to be chasedthat every clump of grass holds the deepest secret only an intense sniff will uncover, and that there’s no such thing as too many treats
  • practice log walking, rock hopping, culvert exploration, and becoming invisible right before walks on rainy days
  • gave up a comfortable spot in front of the fireplace to follow their people on a crazy ride 

Melo and Pix

    Melo                                     Pixel